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Structuring the Development Process According to the Project Context: Two Case Studies
N.D. du Preez, A. Basson, D. Lutters, H. Nieberding

 “A framework is presented to assist in the tailoring of the development process according to the context of the development project. Aspects such as novelty and complexity of the project and the product to be developed have a major effect of the development process…”

Leveraging Unstructured Information Using Topic Modelling
J.W. Uys, N.D. du Preez, E.W. Uys

 “To increase information sharing, organisational learning, decision-making and productivity, large amounts of unstructured text need to be analysed on a daily basis. A topic model is a useful mechanism for identifying and characterising various concepts embedded in a document collection allowing the user to navigate the collection in a topic guided manner…”

Knowledge Networks for Managing Innovation Projects
C.S.L. Schutte, N.D. du Preez

 “Innovation is important for competitiveness. Thus the ability to access, analyze, synthesize, share, and re-use knowledge is important. This paper presents a refined methodology for initiating, deploying, managing and operating an Innovation Project KN within the Global Competitiveness Centre in Engineering of the Stellenbosch University…”

A Framework for Managing the Innovation Process
Niek D du Preez , Louis Louw

“Successful innovation requires an integrated design process, i.e. integration in the design of the enterprise, the design of the product, as well as the design and implementation of new technologies. This paper presents a combined convergent and divergent approach for managing innovation within an innovation landscape that contextualise domains, role-players, decision points and knowledge network components…”

The Role of Knowledge Management in Supporting a Radical Innovation Project
Bernard Katz, Nicolaas Du Preez

" A radical innovation produces a fundamental change in the activities of a company"

Improved Utilisation of Organisational Documents Using a Conceptual Framework
Wilhelm Uys, Ernst Uys, Eric Lutters, Nicolaas Du Preez

"For a business to remain competitive in the global marketplace, agile decision-making capability is vital. A thorough understanding of the organisation’s high-level entities and their relations..."

Dirk Kotze, Wilhelm Uys, Nicolaas Du Preez

" Knowledge management focuses on the effective utilisation of an organisation’s knowledge assets, with a view to furthering the organisation’s objectives. For virtual organisations however, ...."

Reference Architectures as Knowledge Management Tools Guiding and Supporting Enterprise Engineering
Prof. Nicolaas Du Preez, Dr. Louis Louw, Heinz Essmann, Christiaan Grové, Lizenka van der Walt

"Knowledge management is an essential requirement for innovation, especially in initiating, guiding and improving the innovation process. It is a significant challenge to capture..."

Managing the Knowledge Supply Chain to Support Innovation
Prof. N.D. du Preez, Dr. L. Louw

"Sharing appropriate knowledge throughout the product- and service value chains fuels innovative design. As this knowledge itself has an enormous supply chain and results in the rapid proliferation..."

Case Study: The Implementation of a Radical Innovation Project
Prof. N.D. du Preez, B.R. Katz

"This paper presents research results, which investigated the integration of traditional project management techniques with a methodology to manage a radical innovation project. Traditional project management processes often fail to manage the complex and uncertain environment of most radical innovation projects."

The Implementation of a Conceptual Framework Based Approach for the Improved Viewing and Utilisation of Organisational Information
D.J. Kotze, J.W. Uys, C. Schutte, Prof. N.D. du Preez

"In this post-Information Revolution era, organisations are generating copious amounts of information, without experiencing a proportional amount of benefit. New techniques are constantly being developed in an attempt to address the problem of extraction and representation of..."

Design(er) support based on Conceptual Frameworks
D. Lutters, J.W. Uys, Prof. N.D. du Preez

"In design and engineering processes, much interrelated work is performed, on different levels of aggregation, and driven by fundamental interdependencies. Solution spaces are used to categorise expertise, and employing metadata denotes the corresponding information content."

Introducing the roadmap concept to inexperienced users: a case study
D. Lutters, M. Johnson, M.E. Toxopeus, Prof. N.D. du Preez

"If an organisation introduces new working methods, a lot of effort is required to introduce the concept to the parties involved. This is true for the introduction of e.g. design methods, systems for quality control or new software. Usually, the roll-out, training and gaining understanding and experience..."