Our solutions and methodologies are built upon  the disciplines of Enterprise Engineering, Innovation Management, Knowledge Management, and Life Cycle Management. Our continuous research in these disciplines assists us to constantly improve our value offering to our clients. The following sections outline our focus disciplines.

Enterprise Engineering

A multidisciplinary approach to defining and developing a system design and architecture for the organisation entailing technology, product and enterprise lifecycles and the interaction between them.

Innovation Management

Companies today have to be innovative to stay ahead of their competitors. It is important however that companies manage their innovative efforts. If innovation management is not applied, the innovative efforts could be harmful to the company when these efforts are not in line with the company's strategies. It may also happen that these efforts are not innovative enough.
For a company to remain competitive, the company has to become innovation fit. One of the services delivered by Indutech is to provide clients with an Innovation Management Methodology that will ensure that innovative efforts are approached in a way that will lead to an innovation fit company. Innovation Management is one of our research topics to ensure that our methodology is of the highest quality.

Knowledge Management

The area of Knowledge Management (KM) is researched for two reasons. KM research is done in order to enhance our software products, and also to improve our service to clients when a KM project is executed. The software developed at Indutech, EDEN™ was developed to perform a number of functions. One of these functions is to serve as a KM software tool. To ensure that our clients are satisfied with EDEN™ as a KM tool, it is necessary to do research in order to ensure a well-equipped software tool. KM is one of the areas in which Indutech specialises and research in this area is therefore vital. When a project in this area is executed, our clients can be sure that our methods are well researched.

Life Cycle Management

Life Cycle Management deals with integrated approaches for managing the total life cycle of enterprise, products, services and technologies from conception to decommissioning. Life cycles are key tools to support better design, optimisation and management of various aspects of a business. The following are some examples of detailed life cycles that has been developed and employed at Indutech and its clients:

Product Design
Enterprise Design
Process Design
Project Lifecycle Management
Program Lifecycle Management
HIV & Aids Management
ISO 9000 Implementation
ERP System Implementation