VALUE OFFERING | Engineering Models

We have developed the following world renowned engineering models which support our methodologies for enterprise wide innovation management.

  FuGle™ Innovation Reference Model
  The FuGle™ Innovation Reference Architecture is centred on a generic innovation process that combines the convergent of innovation with the divergent deployment and exploitation of innovation. The model was developed by Indutech(Pty) Ltd. through collaborative research with the Enterprise Engineering group within Stellenbosch University’s Industrial Engineering Department as well as various international research partners in Germany, France and the Netherlands.

  ICA™ - Innovation Capability Assessment

An idea does not become an innovation until it is carried through a rigorous process of defining, testing and refining, and emerges from the other end as an implemented solution that is making a significant contribution to an organisation’s bottom line. Innovation is therefore a hard core business process that translates ideas into cash. Innovation capability is then the organisation’s ability to execute this process and deliver innovative outputs on a consistent basis. With this process being at the core of an organisation’s innovation capability, several aspects must be in place to support the individuals involved therein and the tasks that they are performing. They include having the necessary knowledge and competencies available, innovation supporting strategy and policies, supportive and driven leadership, appropriate organisational, functional and team structures, regular networking and collaboration initiatives.

  ICMM - Innovation Capability Maturity Model
  Ultimately, by being innovative, simultaneously improving the innovative capability and ensuring mutual learning between the two processes, faster and better results may be achieved. The ICCM is accompanied by a methodology for improving an organisation’s innovation  capability. Basically, the organisation  conducts an innovation capability maturity audit in order to establish their innovation capability status quo.

  The Aachen Innovation Model (AIM)
  The Aachen Innovation Model (AIM) is a systematic methodology for planning and deploying successful product innovations. It is a predominantly standardised approach, incorporating both the strategic and operational aspects addressed in the St. Gallen Management Model. The objective is to provide a framework for creativity, without applying stifling structure, and assist with the co-ordination of all participants within the process.