RESEARCH INITIATIVES | EDEN™ Integration Research Community (EIRC)

Promoting the use of a common innovation framework...
Global competitiveness requires multidisciplinary teams to innovate products and processes to satisfy the requirements of an increasingly discerning customer base. Although the focus falls on satisfying the immediate needs of the competitive marketplace, sustainability simultaneously requires a full life cycle approach to innovation and improvement. In the normal uncoordinated innovation team space, the energy of innovation teams is consumed by non value-adding activities, like searching for information and repeated re-work. This research community promotes an integrated framework for innovation, supporting the virtual development life cycles for:
• Product
• Enterprise
Applicable Technologies...
The EDEN™ software environment enables the community to collaborate geographically disconnected in this integrated framework. The software also provides project management and control for the community. The integrated framework allows for information to be presented, to the community, in a suitable format. This will reduce coordinating and communicating efforts that could take up to 70 prevent of a person's time. (Canadian study 1993 cited by Mark Fox from Toronto University).
Share the local experience with the International Community...
Different research and competitiveness organisations specialise in different areas of competitiveness. These organisations also operate under different conditions with different cultures in different markets. The EIRC enables member organisations to share their local experiences, knowledge and understanding with similar organisations around the world. Make an impact on the way in which 500 graduates per year will address the complexities of Enterprise Integration, Collaboration and Innovation Management The objective is to share in the learning experiences of academic institutions around the world. A typical class of between 30 and 120 students will use the EDEN™ innovation framework to capture their work in the fields of industrial design, process design, and engineering design, manufacturing systems and manufacturing processes. Once this work is captured in a common framework, it can easily be shared with the rest of the community. It can then become part of a knowledge repository that are providing information in context per executed project. Programme management and innovation portfolio management is the logical next step to foster Integrated Knowledge networks.


Research benefits
The benefits to researchers are several fold. A common user-friendly software platform enable you to collaborate and to capture various methodologies and processes. This WebEDEN™ environment facilitates implementation of your research methodologies. Access to a range of different research projects and developments being carried out by various EIRC member institutions is possible.
Commercial benefits
Web EDEN™ enables you to implement your research at industrial partners. You could also have select access to the industrial partners of other EIRC members. We aim to share the work done in the EDEN™ environment by means of various workshops and conferences, so that institutions may also benefit from work done by others.
Educational benefits
We have successfully used EDEN™ in both undergraduate and post-graduate courses at the Industrial Engineering Department of Stellenbosch University. The software gives students a practical perspective on issues like enterprise engineering, integrated enterprise and product design, innovation, technology lifecycles and a variety of methodologies, ranging from the integrated implementation of ISO systems to the rapid deployment of an ERP package. As more members of the EIRC participates, the repository of innovation roadmaps will grow thus providing a larger footprint of education information in project context.

Conditions of Participation

Participation is voluntary and will require both parties to contribute resources to share in the collective benefits of the project.
Participation will rely on:
• Sutainable Software deployment
• Availability of local champion and facilitator competence
• Hardware and infrastructure that could support the innovation processes
• Collective feedback of the structure that is required under the specific conditions of the local project environment.

Indutech contribution
Indutech will provide the following:
• The latest commercial version of the software to be installed on a network that will allow access to the selected participating group
• Training of the champion and up to four researchers to guide the group
• Customisation of the content and structure of EDEN™ within the objectives of the Project as set out in consensus with the Champion and Indutech Team
• E-mail support for the duration of the project
Participant contribution
Each participating institution will provide the following:
• A formal project planning document to scope a participation project for evaluation
• Training of the champion and up to four researchers to guide the group
• Acceptance of the combined project plan
• Suitable hardware (Windows 2000 server) to install the software on Technical (IT) support to maintain the system
• A percentage of the introductory list price of the EDEN™ software to cover cost of training material and electronic source material.
• Accommodation and local transportation for Indutech employees to provide training and support.
• Accommodation and transport to train their researchers in SA if required.
• At least 40 percent of one full time equivalent (FTE) researcher to manage the project and support users locally.
• Monthly feedback and a database dump of the progress at the institution
• The project leader will ensure that the software is only used for academic purposes
• Should the EDEN™ software be used in consultation or commercial projects, a royalty will be paid to the Global Competitiveness Centre in engineering at Stellenbosch University
Intellectual property developed
The Existing Intellectual Property (IP) of the EDEN™ software is patented and a representative of each institution will sign a non-disclosure agreement protecting the IP of EDEN™
The Intellectual property developed during the project will be shared equally between the institution and Indutech
Distribution of results
Each institution will plan their respective research activity to:
• have clearly specified research questions
• have a set of Key Performance Indicators
• consolidate the progress on a six-monthly basis
• disseminate the results at suitable conferences and science journals.