Business Engineering Services
Indutech's Business Engineering Services (BES) department is Indutech’s main interface with clients. All client projects and client related matters are dealt with by the BES department. The responsibilities of the BES department include the improvement of a clients' ability to innovate and change, the execution of innovation projects as well as EDEN™ software training.
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Sofware Factory
The Software Factory (SF) produces and maintains purpose built software to support the EDEN™ methodology, and software that helps Indutech to realise it’s strategic objectives. Our software is employed by our Research and Business Engineering departments to facilitate the realisation and implementation of their projects.
The SF works in close collaboration with the ISS department in targeting technical research areas, planning development projects, performing quality control and reviewing software functionality suggestions, to name but a few. The SF is committed to remain on the forefront of the latest technology in the software development field. Our integrated R&D programme and academic support encourages research and the promotion of new techniques.
We also aim to grow Indutech’s presence by identifying and targeting challenges in various market segments. We facilitate these challenges and processes by developing custom built solutions using the best-suited technology.

Integration Services & Support
The Integration Services and Support (ISS) department ensures that software solutions developed by Indutech continuously meet and exceed user expectations in terms of software quality, functionality and ease-of-use.
ISS is responsible for the high-level specification of new functionality and works closely with the Software Factory, throughout the development life cycle, to ensure that this functionality is implemented to perfection. Once the Software Factory releases the newly developed software for testing, ISS orchestrates a rigorous, formal testing phase to ensure that the quality of Indutech’s software solutions is satisfactory before it reaches the market.
In addition to the above, the ISS department facilitates the development of user manuals and help files for all Indutech software, as well as training materials and more.

Research is an important focus for Indutech as a mechanism to continually enhance our methodologies and products. Our research department works closely with the Industrial Engineering department at the University of Stellenbosch to develop collaborative research projects, as well as doctoral and masters theses that have both a strong theoretical base and focused applications. We also have a strong international network of research collaborators that include the following institutions:

  • IRCCyN at Ecole Centrale in Nantes, France
  • Fraunhofer IPK in Berlin, Germany
  • RWTH Aachen University in Aachen, Germany
  • University of Twente in Twente, Netherlands
  • The VRL-KCiP in Europe

Indutech’s research is focused on the areas of enterprise engineering, knowledge management and ontologies, innovation management, and life cycle management. Research outputs are used to continually improve our value offering, as well as growing the knowledge and expertise of our people.

Sales & Marketing
At Indutech, our products and services are introduced to potential clients by our Sales and Marketing department through a wide range of mechanisms. Indutech believes strongly in the importance of a needs based approach, which is why we are always focussed on “what we can do for you” as apposed to selling you a pre-packaged solution. The Sales & Marketing team are always on the look-out for innovative and exciting new ways to best portray the values of Indutech, and as such are continuously improving as the company grows. The suitable balance of personalities, skills, experience and youth means that Sales & Marketing is perfectly positioned to move Indutech and our clients into the future…Let’s Innovate!

HR & Financial Support
Indutech’s HR & Financial Support department’s main responsibilities are to recruit new personnel and to manage the financial aspects of the company as a whole. This department plays an integral role when it comes to department budgets and finding the right balance between keeping tight control of the company, but providing enough slack to allow for a creative and innovative environment.