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Indutech has close ties with several organisations to facilitate our commercial projects, software development and research efforts.

4C Consulting – South Africa
The psychologists of 4C Consulting specialise in psychometric assessment, coaching and personal/professional development. All candidate employees of Indutech undergoes psychometric assessment at 4C Consulting in order to determine the fit of the individual to the company culture and the fit of the company to the individual’s profile. 4C Consulting further assists our HR department with personal/professional development of our employees as well as coaching our upcoming managers.

dtSearch Corp – Bethesda, USA
Indutech's enterprise-wide innovation and programme management platform, EDEN™, uses the powerful dtSearch® text retrieval engine to instantly retrieve information stored in EDEN™.

Enterprise Engineering Group, Global Competitiveness Centre, Department of Industrial Engineering,  Stellenbosch University – Stellenbosch, South Africa
The Enterprise Engineering group conducts research in Enterprise Design, Enterprise Modelling, Simulation, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Networks, Innovation Management, and Ontology. In addition, it supports technology transfer to industry through short courses and industry related research projects focused on enterprise "blueprinting".  The Enterprise Engineering group collaborates with Indutech doing research on innovation management, integrated enterprise design/re-design and modeling, and knowledge management. The research challenge is to develop methodologies and tools that will support the planning and management of innovation, thereby ensuring better and quicker innovation. Of specific importance are roadmapping and knowledge management methodologies as support for the innovation process. Various PhD and Masters projects in these research areas are currently done jointly with the Enterprise Engineering group.

Fraunhofer IPK – Berlin, Germany
The Fraunhofer IPK works on optimising industrial processes - from the initial idea to its development and finally its production. Their aim is to rapidly transform scientific experiences into practical applications. A special objective is to offer scientifically new, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises. Fraunhofer IPK collaborates with Indutech in the area of research on Knowledge Management methodologies and tools. A specific focus of this research is the integration of process modeling tools with knowledge and innovation management tools.

Global Competiveness Centre (GCC) – Stellenbosch, South Africa
The aim of the Global Competitiveness Centre (GCC) is to promote and facilitate global competitiveness in South African industry through training and education, provision of leading edge facilities and service and technology transfer to industry. Indutech closely collaborates with the GCC by doing joint research in the fields of Enterprise, Knowledge and Innovation Management.

IRCCyN – Nantes, France
Research Institute of Communication and Cybernetics of Nantes (IRCCyN) is a division of Ecole Centrale of Nantes, based in Nantes, France. Research done at the IRCCYN is not only concerned with the theoretical production of new knowledge, but is very much of a technological nature in that it deals with the development of new tools and methods capable of bringing about solutions to concrete problems in the industrial or socio-economic sphere. IRCCyN formally collaborates with Indutech in terms of research on Knowledge Management methodologies and tools since 2004.

BKR Logista – Stellenbosch, South Africa
An internationally linked Accounting firm specializing in consulting and developing financial risk management systems as well as the audit thereof. Apart from this value offering they also offer quality training with emphasis on corporate governance, structuring and leadership development.

Department of Quality Management, Institute for Industrial Science, Kassel University – Kassel, Germany
Indutech, in conjunction with the Enterprise Engineering Group at the Department of Industrial Engineering of Stellenbosch University, is conducting research with the Department of Quality Management at the Institute for Industrial Science Kassel University in a Bilateral Agreement between South Africa’s National Research Foundation (NRF) and Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the integration of Innovation and Quality Management principles. fThe research is intended to enhance the unstructured, creative activities associated with innovation by including the systematic procedures of Quality Gates to reduce the cost-intensive rework often resulting from unstructured processes. The project commenced in June 2006 and will reach completion in June 2009. 

Noaber Foundation – Lunteren, The Netherlands
The aim of the Dutch-based NOABER Foundation is to stimulate welfare in emerging countries or communities by means of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) projects. The Noaber Foundation is a shareholder in Indutech (Pty) Ltd.

SelectX – Rickmansworth, UK
SelectX is a UK-based company active in the field of life and health underwriting. SelectX excels at guiding companies into the future of risk appraisal, making underwriting and risk management fit for the future, re-designing of underwriting processes and implementing new approaches to risk appraisal such as tele-underwriting. SelectX closely works with Indutech in the area of the assessment of current underwriting processes as well as the implementation of improved underwriting processes at South African financial services companies.

Institute for Linguistics and Technical Communication, University of Aachen – Aachen, Germany
Institute for Linguistics and Technical Communication focuses on professional text production, technical communication, new media communication, business communication, collaborative writing, hypertext and discourse analysis, and more.

Design, Production and Management Group, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Twente, – Enschede, The Netherlands
The Design, Production and Management Group busy themselves with the process of product design, design questions, implementation, using and maintaining tool-producing production systems for the realisation of discrete products, together with the organisation and management of the production process. Due to its wide research scope, the group is divided into four divisions: Design Engineering, Production Engineering, Production Management and Surface Technology and Tribology. Indutech is involved in joing research with members of this group on the application of ontology in product design and organisations in general.

VRL-KCiP – European Union
The VRL-KCiP Network of Excellence (NoE) was realised in June 2004 with the vision of reducing the fragmentation of research in the field of production technologies. The NoE strives to bring a multi-cultural approach to the integration of modelling and simulation of knowledge-based production processes on the one hand, and to the relations between the joint partners on the other. The network has the objective to support dynamic organisations, inter-enterprise operability, and necessary standardisation. In 2008, the VRL-KCiP became known as EMIRAcle, a new legal entity striving to continue the VRL-KCiP activities in future.