VALUE OFFERING | Business Engineering Services

Structuring a company’s operational environment to position that company for Innovation (Company Wide Innovation Management)
We aim to:

  • Enable companies to consistently identify opportunities for innovation.
  • Help companies to position themselves to quickly and clearly understand where innovations impact in the organisation.
  • Aid companies to align innovations with the company’s overall goals.
  • Nurture a culture of innovation so that employees can feel empowered to be creative, within a disciplined environment where open communication is the norm.
Designing and deploying innovation projects
We aim to:
  • Position operations so that a company has the ability to rapidly respond to innovation opportunities and create immediate value for the organisation.
  • Help companies take advantage of innovations (technology, process, products and market) to gain advantage over competitors.
  • Teach companies to identify and target other areas of the organisation where innovations have knock-on benefits…and realise those benefits.
  • Assist companies in learning from past experiences and projects by establishing a technological and cultural platform for easy knowledge transfer.
Roadmapping project, programme, technology, product and company life cycles
We aim to:
  • Assist companies to design Roadmaps to store information (life cycles, project documentation and research) in context, which in turn creates direct value by making this information knowledge that can be diffused throughout the company.
  • Assist companies in not repeating mistakes.
  • Prevent companies from “re-inventing the wheel”.
  • Provide companies with a platform from where they can source corporate memory thereby decreasing the amount of time wasted searching for what the company already knows.

Network relationship modelling (Taxonomy and Ontology methodologies)
We aim to:
  • Decrease the time required searching for and learning what the company already knows (corporate memory).
  • Assist companies to model and understand complexity.
  • Enable companies to visibly depict and trace different relationships between entities in an organisation.

Process modelling, design and refinement (Process Modelling Methodology)
We aim to:

  • Add value by setting a standard method of modelling the company. This creates a common understanding of the AS-IS and TO-BE views of the organisation.